, Is It Even Worth It?

Since the introduction of the Internet, people have looked for ways to do everything online. This has even crossed over into the medical and legal fields. This is no different for filing bankruptcy. There are now many Internet startup companies that offer prepackaged legal documents with instructions of how to fill them out. With all the hoopla, many people are even attempting to file bankruptcy on their own. Over the last 10 years there has been a large number of websites that offer . What these services offer is a web portal to fill out the bankruptcy petition and print it to take to the bankruptcy court. So while the bankruptcy petition is filled out online, it still needs to be submitted in person at the local federal bankruptcy court unless you are a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney has the luxury of electronically submitting their client’s bankruptcy petition online for a small fee. In fact, most attorneys rarely submit any documents in person because of this technology. This is not offered to the do-it-yourselfer. If someone is filing a do-it-yourself bankruptcy, they will need to go there in person. While in the past it might’ve been okay, recently, because of constant changes to the bankruptcy code in most cases it’s a much better idea to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

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Is It Smart To File Bankruptcy Online?

With the advancement of technology, has been made easy. There are several processing services to choose from on the Internet which will save you time, money and effort. This is a great leap from traditional method of applying for bankruptcy. A few decades ago, people had to go to the court where they had to join the throng of people to apply for bankruptcy. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can now file bankruptcy online.

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